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Young Actors Division


Welcome to another young actor dedication, brought to you from the Young Actors Division.


July 1, 2002 –

          Young Actors Division Jonathan Taylor Thomas Dedication gets its own web address. is hoped to be active within the next 72 Hours.


          Artist’s Corner (Other Pictures) Updated.


          Links Page Updated.


Young Actors Division Dedications web site would like to apply for this web site to be considered Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ official web site as Celebrity Sightings has now closed. If you would like to see this web site become the official site then email to make your feelings clear.


Young Actors Division was founded back in 1997, where it provided a service of information, photographs, filmographies, biographies and much more, about todays young actors and actresses. The site under-went several changes in style, and remained on the Internet until it's service with was terminated when they closed.

The site was so large it was difficult to find another service anything quite like, in December of 2000 it was sold to a web publishing company, named Mortar Animation Studios, which have until now left the site dormant.

The site which you are now viewing is only a small part of the large database of actors and actress that was purchased. You will find a huge, and always expanding collection of images regarding the dedication to this actor or actress.

The author of this site is NOT Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Nor does he know him or anyone who does. All information and images on this site have been collected throughout the Internet and personal collection, unless otherwise stated, people are welcome to take them for their own personal use. Any information contained on this site is found to be inaccurate please do not hesitate to contact the author.

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